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Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Hair Loss?

How can I stop my hair from falling out so much?

As we grow older, some of us loose hair very easily, whether its genetically or if it's just naturally falling out. There are a few ways to prevent this from happening or happening slower if its genetics.

  • Dying our hair, no matter how much you look after it, the dye still affects our hair, dye's have ammonia in it, this chemical is also in bleach, so even though people don't bleach their hair, thinking that its safer, it doesn't make much difference as hair dying can still harm us. I'm not saying to NOT dye your hair, I dye my hair, only six months at a time, I don't go crazy and dying it every month.
  • Keeping it tied in a pony tail  a lot can cause it to fall out, if you always have it in a bun or just up, what you're doing is essentially pulling on the roots, this will cause the hair to fall out more easily.
  • Putting too much chemicals in hair, for instance, if you always have hairspray on daily and other products, its not natural for our hair, it may say its good on the bottle, but the more your put into the hair, the more harmful it is. I do use hairspray, but I only use it once a week if that, or on special occasions. This includes all styling products, e.g. gel, moose, hairspray.
  • Over washing your hair. Shampoo is abrasive, it prevents your scalp from retaining moisture, not only does it cause our scalp to be more dry but it also loses a lot of goodness. I wash my hair twice or three times a week.
  • Over drying your hair, when I mean over drying, I mean if you use the hair dryer too often, if you prefer to use the hair dryer, its best to keep your hair in the towel for about 15mins, this helps to keep your scalp moisturize, and when drying, don't put the hair dryer on full heat, no matter how long you've kept the towel on your head it will still dry out your scalp, especially high heat and close to your scalp. 

Other things you can do to prevent hair loss.
  • Massaging your head before you dry your hair.
  • What you eat is always important to any part of your body, most of the nutrients goes to our hair first, so plenty of vitamin B and vitamin D. 
  • Anything with sea minerals in it, is pretty good for your hair, if you don't live far from the beach and you like swimming, don't be afraid to go for a dip and just rinse your hair with water after, no shampoo or conditioner, this will just get rid of the minerals. 
  • Tea Tree is great for scalp, personally what I use, it helps the scalp and prevents it from drying. Healthy scalp, healthy hair.
  • Now here is a very weird tip, that may make some people think twice, but it has proven to work with people that I know, using compost (essentially soil, not just any that are in your garden, stuff you buy at your garden center) on your hair. Compost is used to make the grass healthy again. It's weird because many will see it and think " this is good for my hair? " However, if you have a shower cap, and just put some compost in it and then sleep with the shower cap left on your hair, it actually helps to prevent hair loss and thickens our hair. This is NOT one of those tips that will work over night, it will take about a month before you probably will see any affect taken place.
  • Use yogurt washing your hair, yogurt is not only good for our skin but very nourishing for our hair. If you don't like the idea of really doing it, try once a month, massage the yogurt all over your clean already washed hair (like normally with shampoo) then just rinse out with luke warm water afterwards. You'll notice the hair is a lot smoother and looks healthier.

Hope this post has been somewhat helpful.
Vivi x


  1. Is there really any solution for hair loss.I am really fed up....

    1. There's no real solution to hair loss, what I've posted are ways to slow it down, it's not permanent, the home remedies only reduce hair loss, it doesn't reduce it or stop it. if you want to stop hair loss then I would suggest to check with doctors as there are medical ways to prevent it, e.g surgical, it is quite expensive though.

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  3. These are great suggestions to prevent hair fall. If others are not keen on experimenting, then they can try using natural methods. By natural, I mean exercising regularly, having a balanced diet, and getting adequate amounts of sleep. Remember that the condition of our hair also depends on the condition of our body, so having a healthy body can also mean having healthy hair.

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